10 Introduction to Mah Jongg Videos

American Mah Jongg is an engaging and challenging game, perfect for you who like a challenge, enjoy socializing while playing and enjoy the novelty of playing different versions. Mah Jongg is considered a rummy game, but played with tiles instead of cards. Players get dealt “hands” consisting of thirteen tiles. A winning hand has 14 tiles and the winning player is paid points from each of the other players. 

American Mah Jongg is played all over the country. Our videos use the rules from the back of the National Mah Jongg winning hands card. As you play more games and with more people, you will run across variations; the variations are not wrong—they are changes that a group agrees to play. 

But note—Mah Jongg is a game of both skill and luck. You can make all the right choices and if the tiles come out when you can’t use them or someone else is collecting the same tiles, you may not win. Part of the strategy is learning when you cannot win—then you play so no one wins.

These 10 lessons are designed for the novice or complete Mah Jongg beginning player.

Let’s get started—Play On!

Lesson 1:
Introduction to the Tiles

Lesson 2:
Setting Up The Game

Lesson 3:
Charleston and Courtesy

Lesson 4:
Rhythm of

Lesson 5:
Calling Someone’s Discard

Lesson 6:
All About

Lesson 7:
Calling a Hand Dead

Lesson 8:
Ending the

Lesson 9:
Pungs, Kongs, Qunts, Etc.

Lesson 10:
Beginning to Evaluate
Your Hand

Lesson 11:
Learning the New Card
More coming soon!