How do I join the ACBL?
Click this link and follow the directions. This will automatically associate your ACBL number to the SJBC and will allow you to participate in our online sanctioned games. If you are asked for who recommended you please enter our club number 205591. Questions? email and I am happy to help you. Remember to add your ACBL number to your online BBO player account.

How do I make a Bridge Base Online (BBO) account?
Click this link
~Click on Become a member (Free) button
~Complete the form
~Confirm account
~Send user name to so I can enter it in the club list.
Questions? email and I am happy to help you.

Why does it say tournament, I just want to play in our club game?
BBO calls all games tournaments. Any tournament that SJBC is just like a club game.

How do I find the SJBC tournament?

  1. Log into your BBO account.
  2. Click on the Competitive option.
  3. Click on the ACBL Virtual Clubs option.
  4. Type SJBC in the Search box.
    Our game will be listed.
  5. Click on the title of the tournament to register. Follow instructions.

Why can’t I find the Tournament?
Club tournaments are not available to view or register for until 2 hours prior to the start of the tournament.

Do both people need to be logged into their BBO accounts in order to register for a club tournament?
Yes, both of you need to be logged into your accounts in order to register for a tournament.

How do I pay for the tournament?
You pay the fee directly to BBO. You need to have BBO$ in your account.
BBO caution: only purchase BB$ directly from BBO. Third party software companies charge an extra fee.

How do I add BB$?
1. Log into your BBO account.
2. Click on the BB$ button.
You will then see a form to pay by credit card to add dollars to your account.

What is the fee for the tournament?

Do we have to stay online once we register?
No, you can log off and then come back about 10 minutes before the game.

Keep your device awake!
About 10 minutes before the events begin, you need to go back to the tournament area and keep your device awake and logged in. If your device falls asleep BBO will think you are offline and the tournament cannot begin. Partnership with offline members will be removed from the tournament so it can begin.

How do I alert?
We self alert: Click on alert in the bidding box, then type your explanation in box provided and then make your call. This ensures that opponents receive the information they need about your agreements and your partner will not see it.

How do I request a bid explanation?
When it is your turn to bid, click on the opponent’s bid. They can then answer you without their partner seeing it. The player who made the bid then will be prompted to type an explanation of the bid.

Where do I enter my ACBL number?
1. Log into your BBO account.
2. Click on the ACBL World button.
3. Click on the Update Your ACBL Number.
4. Type your ACBL number in the box.
5. Click Update.
Note: It takes 24 hours for your number to be registered with the BBO account.

Must I have an ACBL number in my BBO account?
Not to play in most areas. If you don’t have a number in your BBO account, you cannot win any master points for any games in which you participate.

Is ACBL number required to play in a limited game?
Yes, in order to participate in a limited online game you must have your ACBL number entered in your account. It does not have to be an active number. If you number is not active you will not be awarded masterpoints for the game.

How do I undo?
Misclicks happen. Undos are not allowed, nor is announcing your mistakes. If you make a misclick, continue to play the hand as though you did not make a misclick.

How do I call the director?
There’s a blue box with 3 white lines at the top of your table. You will find the options there like calling the TD, checking opponents convention card etc.

How do I see opponents Convention card?
There’s a blue box with 3 white lines at the top of your table. You will find the options there like calling the TD, checking opps convention card etc.

How do I Make/Edit a convention card?
1. Log into your BBO account.
2. Click on the Account tab.
3. Click on the Convention Cards option.
4. Click on the card that is closest to your system listed under the Stock Cards.
5. Click on the Edit button.
6. Edit card with your partnership preferences.
7. Type your partner’s BBO name at the top of the card in the box next to the Partner text.
8. Click Save Changes button.
You will now see that card under Personal Cards. Whenever you play with that partner that is the card that will be made available to the table through the menu.

How many minutes per board?
7 minutes per board.

How many boards per round?
Typically 18 boards per round.

We had 3 minutes left, where is the last hand?
BBO will not allow the last board of a round to be started once the round hits the 3 minute mark.

Hey! We didn’t get to finish the board. What happened?
BBO automatically advances to the next round when the time is over. Be sure to watch the clock and keep the pace.

When do rounds change?
Rounds change when the round timer is up or all tables are finished playing all the boards for the round. So just because you finish early you may not have all the time that is listed. If everyone else finishes early, the round automatically changes.