Join us online for our sanctioned online club game!

Join the ACBL to win masterpoints.
Click here to join the ACBL and
automatically associate your new
ACBL member number with the
South Jersey Bridge Club!

Limited Pairs Online Summer Schedule:
499er Wednesday @ 1:15 pm 

Remember you must have an ACBL number in your BBO account to play in limited games.

Click here to join the ACBL and be associated with the SJBC.

The following must be true in order for you to participate in the online club games:

You must have played at the physical club or started playing bridge after the start of covid.

You must have a BBO login.
You must send your BBO name to me so I can add you to the club list.
If you need assistance creating an account, give a call or send an email. We will help you get started. 

You can register for game beginning 2 hours prior to start.

Both your partner and you must be online to register.

Each partnership must have a completed online convention card.
If you don’t have one, your partnership will need to use the SAYC until you have a completed one.
If you need assistance making a card contact us and we will help you.

Fee: $5/player $7/player for special games

You do not need an ACBL number to play in Open games but, to win any earned masterpoints, you must have an active ACBL number.

You must have an ACBL number (it does not have to be active) to play in any Limited games.

Guest Policy: The ACBL & BBO have instituted a guest policy. Click here to read the full policy. Clubs are limited in the number of guests they are allowed to host in a week.

If you want to have a guest play with you at an SJBC game, call or email. Bernadette will get back to you if your guest can attend.

Club Robot Policy:
Robot pairs are used to fill in to avoid a sit out. Robot scores stand during the game. The ACBL marks all robot pairs as ineligible as robot pairs are not eligible for masterpoints and are moved to the bottom of the ranking.

Players may not register to play with a robot. If a player is playing with a robot they registered on the partnership desk and there was a half table that needed filling.

Partnership Desk:
If you want to play in a game and don’t have a partner, register in the game’s partnership desk. If you see someone on the desk, you can invite them to play.

House Players:
House players are used to fill in half tables to avoid a sit out. If there is a half table and there is a person on the partnership desk, I will invite them to play with a robot to fill in the table.
House players do not pay. They are eligible for masterpoints (even when playing with a robot).