What is D&D Beyond?

D&D Beyond is a web-based tool used for managing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (D&D 5e) character sheets. For free, you are allowed 6 character sheets and access to the D&D Beyond digital version of the Open Gaming License (OGL) content for D&D 5e. The OGL content contains most of the rules and a single build option for each class. If one pays for digital content (for example, the digital version of The Players Handbook), then one has access to all the digital content included in that item when building characters. Access allows you to easily search through the rules, spells, etc., as well as provide more build options for character building.

Why D&D Beyond?

Game Masters (aka, Dungeon Masters) at Game Friendzy own digital content on D&D Beyond, and D&D Beyond allows its users to share that content with players participating in their game campaigns. D&D Beyond simulates the at-home game experience in the respect that Game Masters may bring all their game-related books with them to the table, and any player can use those books as they play the game or build their characters.

How to Get Started

  1. Register on D&D Beyond
    Navigate to dndbeyond.com. Locate the “Register” link near the upper right. Go ahead and create your account. NOTE: When you create an account for D&D Beyond, you are also creating an account on Twitch.com (Twitch is a streaming service oriented toward live gaming events and is the parent company of D&D Beyond). Near the end of registration there is an odd question about permissions to access your account. This question is asking whether you will allow the Twitch account and the D&D account to work together. Answer yes.
  2. Join your DM’s campaign
    After registration is complete, type in the URL given to you by your Game Master. It will start with:
    Appended to that URL is a number for the campaign. Once you type in the full URL and press enter, you will be greeted by an option to join a campaign. Since you have no built characters, choose Create a Character. The character you subsequently create will be a member of your Game Master’s campaign. If your Game Master has enabled content sharing, you will now have access to the same digital content that your Game Master has purchased. This means you will have options open to you for character building that you would not have otherwise. It is like when Game Masters bring all their books to the game and you are allowed to use them to make your character.
  3. Create Your Character
    Character creation is somewhat intuitive for anyone who has played a few sessions of D&D. Your Game Master may be able to help you should you encounter any problems.